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Verizon Ellipsis tablets and MDM device owner mode

If your company, like most, uses mobile device management (MDM) software to administer different mobile devices among your employees, you are going to be heartbroken to know that the Verizon Ellipsis tablets have a hard time accepting an MDM’s “device owner” mode. This mode basically allows the MDM software to take complete ownership of the device, which prevents employees from doing things on the tablets they shouldn’t be doing (installing unapproved apps, making system changes, etc.). Our company started with Meraki. Upon starting up the Ellipsis tablet the first time, at the sign-in to a Google account screen, you enter the text “afw#meraki” and the device goes on to the internet, downloads the Meraki management software, and begins to push different policies and software to the device. That’s in a perfect work. The problem comes, though, when the Meraki software tries to take ownership of the device. Something within the…

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