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Tag: debian stretch

Cut the cord and get away from cable television, part 1

This is going to be a multi-part post series that details how you can cut the cord and get away from cable television permanently and forever. The world is evolving, and with that, technology is getting crazy. In the past I wrote a few articles on how best to setup Transmission as well as setting up some blocklists to keep nosy universities and other baddies from spying on your activities. In the next few posts, we are getting away from torrents and going old-school…well, not entirely old-school, as the methods I’m going to teach you are all alive and kicking very well. In fact, they are probably more stable, secure, and active than torrents ever were or will be. The topic at hand will be usenet. With a good usenet setup you can automate your entire movie and television library, and maybe even your music library if you don’t mind…

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