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@tootgail Your son is one of the highest paid and gifted athletes in football. Sit down and shut up. He fucked up. Plain and simple.
October 17th, 2021

@Cryptoexpert001 @hanley_jr @doge1moon_CEO You people have become the new MLM moms. 😂😂
October 16th, 2021

@MieshaTate Abuse? Lmfao. Go be offended somewhere else. The coach was fuckin LOST on the shit his fighter was doing. Dude was PERPLEXED.
October 16th, 2021

I recently got into repairing and refurbishing portable retro gaming consoles: game boys, game gears, PSPs, etc. I will be selling these refurbished devices directly on my website here in the Store which you can find in the header menu.

In addition to portable refurbished consoles, I will be custom building portable gaming consoles. These portable consoles are often backed with a Raspberry Pi device and covered with an old Game Boy shell. They look a lot like retro Game Boy handhelds, however with a lot more power to run emulators for devices as old as the Atari to as new as the PlayStation Portable. These handhelds will be built by me and sold in the store as well.

And finally, along with the portable gaming devices, I will be selling my lines of barbecue rubs and seasonings: BBQ and gaming...how can you go wrong!? If you are interested in any of the products I have for sell, please head to the store and see what all is available.

Posted on August 25th, 2019 by Ricky Ford in General


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