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October 17th, 2021

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October 17th, 2021

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October 17th, 2021

For immediate release: August 15, 2017

Ricky Ford
Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240

Bean Conflict (Android Game) Launched on the Google Play Store
Production release of Bean Conflict finished and released on the Google Play Store.

For close to 30 years, Drug Wars has been a cult classic video game hit. It has spawned numerous spin-offs and has been remade countless times on many different platforms. An application previously developed by Ricky Ford, simply titled "Drug Wars" was an application on the Google Play Store that mimicked a lot of the original game, and it's reason for existence was to bring the play style and themes of the classic game back into public eye. The project source code of the later rendition of Drug Wars, developed by Ricky for Android, was subsequently lost in a computer malfunction, as well as the secret key store file used to generate signed APKs to deliver across the Android Market (at the time). This prevented the game from being updated, where it has now sat dormant for over four years.

Today, Ricky is launching Bean Conflict, which plays much like the original Drug Wars game, and is better optimized for later versions of Android. Most of the copy-cats on the market today take a lot of the old game mechanics and bundle them with unattractive interfaces, or buggy code. This version of the game builds on the 80s classic, and adds more to make it relevant again. This version of the game also replaces common narcotic names with the names of different coffee beans. Doing so gives the game a safe-for-work approach that not only keeps it safe for players playing in public, but also for teens too.

The game has two versions available: free (ad-supported) and premium (no ads, plus other features). The main features of the premium version allows the user to play the unlimited game as well as edit a lot of in-game variables (such as the high/low cost of beans, etc). This is a sort of "cheat" menu that will allow the player to customize the game better. You can find both versions on the Google Play Store at the following locations:

Bean Conflict (free, ad-supported version)

Posted on August 15th, 2017 by Ricky Ford in Technology.

Updated on October 10th, 2018 at 12:00 AM.


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