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Category: Gaming

RockTycoon the third

It seems as if things are never truly finished when you’re an independent game developer. There’s always a new issue or a new challenge to overcome, and with such, a lot of time and headaches involved with wrapping your head around programming. I’ve started the early design phase of RockTycoon version 3 where I will hopefully be able to introduce a couple of new features that the community has requested, such as giving bands the opportunity to book their own festivals, along with introducing the ability for bands to collaborate with each other on their albums. I can already tell that version 3 is going to be a bigger headache than version 2 was, but I’m hoping that with the new changes, the database that hosts RockTycoon will run like a well-oiled machine. I’ve tossed around the idea of implementing rounds with the RockTycoon community, to which I’ve received a…

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