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Category: Gaming

Bean Conflict released on Google Play

For immediate release: August 15, 2017 Ricky Ford Hobbs, New Mexico, 88240 Bean Conflict (Android Game) Launched on the Google Play Store Production release of Bean Conflict finished and released on the Google Play Store. For close to 30 years, Drug Wars has been a cult classic video game hit. It has spawned numerous spin-offs and has been remade countless times on many different platforms. An application previously developed by Ricky Ford, simply titled “Drug Wars” was an application on the Google Play Store that mimicked a lot of the original game, and it’s reason for existence was to bring the play style and themes of the classic game back into public eye. The project source code of the later rendition of Drug Wars, developed by Ricky for Android, was subsequently lost in a computer malfunction, as well as the secret key store file used to generate signed APKs…

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PS4 Slow Download Speed Fix

The PlayStation Network is notorious for slow download speeds on the PS4. I have a 60mb/6mb connection at home, and for a 30GB game to download, the PS4 told me that it would take nearly 48 hours in total to download it all. Ridiculous if you ask me. If you have a Debian server available then you’ll appreciate the fact that you can combine a Squid3 proxy server and your Debian server together to create a middle-man to help the PS4 take better advantage of your download speeds. First off, let’s install Squid3 in the terminal by issuing the following command: sudo apt-get install squid3 squid3-common After everything has been installed, go ahead and edit the Squid3 config file like so: sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf Once inside of the Squid3 configuration file, we want to secure it a bit so that we are only allowing traffic from within our local network…

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Free credits from OfferWalls, TapJoy, SuperSonic, etc.

If you’re a browser-based game player and have seen games that allow you to earn free credits by simply filling out surveys, downloading software, etc., you’ve probably thought about how hard it is to get these offers to complete. A lot of times, your offer completes with no problem, but the offer provider does what they call “skimming leads” and won’t actually credit you for your completion even though they are earning on the back-end for it. In light of this information, I’ve come up with a pretty great way of getting these offers completed. Granted, there’s nothing you can do to show an offer as completed that the provider has “skimmed”, but with this method, you can complete a ton of offers so that you’ll get credited more often and the skimmed completions won’t seem like as much of a loss. Basically what this guide is going to be…

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Starting a new browser-based MMO

I am currently in the process of starting a brand new browser-based MMO titled “Our Lives Rebuilt.” This MMO is going to take on the perspective of a post-apocalyptic world (no, not a zombie one, those are getting a little out of hand) where the player takes control of a group of survivors and must work to rebuild society as the world once knew it. I haven’t had my hands in a new project for quite a few months now and I’m itching to get back into the browser-based game world. I’ve always loved browser-based games and after selling RockTycoon and then RockTycoon pretty much becoming unresponsive and basically disappearing, I feel that it’s time to bring back the lovely game community that I once knew with that game. I’m hoping that some of the players from RockTycoon check my blog from time to time to see that I’m working…

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RockTycoon has been sold

It is with a bit of disappointment that I announce to all of the players of RockTycoon that I have sold the game to a private buyer. He took over the game and all of the files, etc. around the middle of July and he will continue all further developments of the game and anything dealing with it. I do not plan to drop out of the browser-based game world, but I feel that I did as much as I possibly could in growing RockTycoon to the popularity that it achieved, and the new owner, Paul Weston, should be able to pick up the slack where I left off. I encourage all of you to stick it out with Paul and help him in any way he needs as he gets accustomed to the game and the administration side of things. Please keep an eye on my website here for…