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Month: April 2018

My journey in weight loss: an update

The last time I talked about my weight loss here I was at 327 pounds. Today the scale greeted me with 254 pounds. This brings my total weight loss 119 pounds in all. I’ve been happy with the journey, and my body feels much better. I can walk a flight of stairs without turning the building into a vacuum by sucking in all of the oxygen. I can walk a parking lot without sweating through my clothes. I can play with my kids without having to take breaks. It feels good. I’ve slowly let up on the keto lifestyle, and have been living a low carb lifestyle instead. I have stuck with the 25 carbs or fewer per day thing, with the Friday-night cheat meal to enjoy whatever food my family wants to enjoy. I still eat a lot of the same things as I did when I was in…

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