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Month: December 2016

PS4 Slow Download Speed Fix

The PlayStation Network is notorious for slow download speeds on the PS4. I have a 60mb/6mb connection at home, and for a 30GB game to download, the PS4 told me that it would take nearly 48 hours in total to download it all. Ridiculous if you ask me. If you have a Debian server available then you’ll appreciate the fact that you can combine a Squid3 proxy server and your Debian server together to create a middle-man to help the PS4 take better advantage of your download speeds. First off, let’s install Squid3 in the terminal by issuing the following command: sudo apt-get install squid3 squid3-common After everything has been installed, go ahead and edit the Squid3 config file like so: sudo nano /etc/squid3/squid.conf Once inside of the Squid3 configuration file, we want to secure it a bit so that we are only allowing traffic from within our local network…

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