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Month: June 2013

OnStar RemoteLink error number 901

I recently purchased a brand new 2013 Chevrolet Equinox that came with OnStar equipped. Upon learning that you can download an OnStar app to your smartphone and start/stop the car as well as lock/unlock the doors, I immediately “geeked out”. After download and installing the app to my Samsung Galaxy Nexus equipped with Android 4.2.2, I was greeted with a “Never updated from Equinox” message at the top of the screen. I thought this to not be much of a big deal and clicked the button to update it only to be greeted with an error that said the following: Unable to refresh data. Unable to perform request. Please try again. (901) I uninstalled the app, re-installed, and entered my account information into the app all over again only to continuously get the same exact error message. I was disheartened and had no other option but to call OnStar’s mobile…

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New look, new services

I spent the last week doing a complete overhaul of, and I’m hoping this new website will lay out my services and creations a little better than before. With a new look comes new additions. You’ll find my portfolio and the various services I offer in the menus above as well as a slight change to the categorization of the blog and blog posts. If you’re in need of assistance or would like to learn more about what I have to offer, feel free to drop me an e-mailĀ or give me a call.

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